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san martino

Around "Masseria San Martino", there is an extensive land, or how our ancestors used to say the "marina", where olives are picked directly from the branches and cold pressed daily,
becoming afterwards Extravirgin olive oil from Organic Farming SAN MARTINO.

extra virgin oil

Combining the antique traditions and agricultural cultures to the new methods of organic farming, San Martino extra-virgin oil is a unique product of high quality with acid level less than 0,3% with extraordinary and superb aromas originating from the careful mixture of different qualities of olives: Coratino, Leccino, Frantoiana, Pesciolen and Carolea.

These qualities, united with the privileged position of the land, and absence of pesticides, are the ideal ingredients of a product with unmistakable characteristics. Extra-virgin organic olive oil, and extravirgin olive oil “San Martino” are available in bottles of 0,25lt and 0,75lt, and in 5lt tins.

for your beauty

“To always have health on your tables without giving up delicious taste….San Martino extra-virgin olive oil… the pillar of a good Italian cuisine.”

The beneficial properties of olive oil have also been concentrated in cosmetics. Products have been studied so that the beneficial properties of olive oil prevent skin ageing and defend hair and skin from polluting agents. Ideal for all types of skin, products include body, face, tanning and clensing lotions.